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Electrician London, Electrical Contractor London

All rates are charged Per Half Hour for Labour unless quoted otherwise.


There is a minimum charge of 1 hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged per half hour ( minimum )

All rates exclude VAT, the costs of materials, parking and the congestion charge.


Quotations are available by appointment only.

Quotations can be done via confirmed booking by letter, email, fax or text - Not through our same day service.


Payment must be made in full by credit card, debit card or cash to the engineer upon receipt of invoice.

All work is carried out in accordance with our Terms and Conditions ( Cash only authorised by office ).

Card holder not present transactions

Landlords and customers not present on site to pay the engineer on the completion of the works will have to confirm a booking over the phone using a credit or debit card to confirm your booking your card may be charged before the work starts and part payment will  be taken up front.

One Hours Charge will also be taken on your Debit or Credit Card at the discretion of us before an emergency engineer attends a call out - We will request you to enter your details and confirm the amount then accept.
This is normally done when a customer is booking for the same day service.

In the case that any emergency engineer does not arrive, a refund will be made only to the payment card used initially, but the refund may not credit back to the account on the same day.
Please ask about this policy at the time of your booking to avoid any miscommunication.

Email, fax or text notification is required to make confirmation of a booking along with a prepaid deposit.

Signed invoice faxed back before works commence.

Copy of the Card holders card or passport / Utility Bill.

Signed letter head accepting our terms and conditions from

Name /Address of card holder / phone number.

Full company details are required to confirm an order by YOU the customer to us the SUPPLIER.

In the event of bad weather conditions such as snow/frost or bank holidays we will discuss our rates and terms of payment.

To avoid any micommunication and to aid our customer service, we advise customers to speak to a member of our team if any of the above terms and conditions are disputed.

Please note :

Please note our phone operatives will request customer debit or credit card details as a deposit.

Although we offer a free call out service this will apply only to customers whom have works carried out and does not apply to cancellation.
We reserve the right to apply a cancellation charge as per our Terms and Conditions.

Booking cancellations must be made within 10 minutes from the time of the bookings for call outs.

Where a booking is subject to charge, a £35 call out charge will be applied.
Although we do not charge a cal out fee, this only applies when cancellations are made after 10 minutes.
This will be billed to the debit / credit card details supplied at the time of booking. This is as per our Terms and Conditions. Please ask about this policy at the time of your booking to avoid any miscommunication.

if you require additional information about our pricing policy please consult our Terms and Conditions.                        




(As of the 17.10.2012 rates apply only with this page)

All The above fields must Be Completed Thankyou